Art Portfolio Development is a website that connects students with Teaching Art instructor, Matthew Mahler

“Matt is a very talented artist and art instructor and provided my son the opportunity to explore his skills and develop new tools to add to his ever growing "tool box" as a young artist. That is not all Matt offered our son though, he also knows how to develop a rapport and has an ease about him that connected immediately with my teen, and as a parent of a teen, we know that isn't always easy to do. We have already recommended him to one family and would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for not only top notch instruction, but the thoughtfulness and guidance that Matt brings to each and every session.” - John C.


“Matt worked with my 12-year old daughter last summer for about 20 hours. 
She was transformed -- becoming mindful (patient and focused), and producing a half dozen high quality portfolio pieces for her applications to all three NYC art and design high schools. Matt is caring, clear and overall, an excellent teacher. A+”  - 
Tom K.


“Matt encourages research (brings art history into the process ), observation, and drawing what you see - he covers different approaches to the disciplines: drawing, painting, watercolor, sculpture, print-making, mixed media, giving my daughter tools that she used to complete her portfolio. Matt helped her create the right type of work for and to edit and  fine tune her portfolio. The completed portfolio was a huge confidence booster for her. Matt's training was a huge help in preparing for applying to art high schools and helped to get accepted into Laguardia HighSchool.”  - Elizabeth G.

Matthew Mahler